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On Moving Workshops

Updated: Jan 22

Why move workshops?

I'd only been in Old Market Manor for 8 months, and I had a great network of friends and makers there, why move so soon?

It's a shame to leave such a fun space and community, but I've still got friends there. It's exciting to think about building out our community up at the new spot in Fishponds.

Front shot of the workshop with the roller shutter open in the sunshine


More space, more light, more room for bigger works.

My new projects are big, and getting bigger. The newest thing is almost 3 meters square, and I've got some more large-scale bespoke stuff booked in for next year (including an outdoor version of my steam-bent Wye Bench, which will be part of the Fresh Air Sculpture Show 2024)

Wide shot of the Whyman Furniture workbench and hand tool wall


More involvement.

Hone Bristol is a new space, and I'll be doing a bit of work to help complete it. We've one unit finished at the moment (the one pictured), but we've another unit that's even larger than this one to renovate. It's fun to be part of setting up a new space and make it your own.

The edge of the sliding panel saw and timber storage racks for a variety of boards of locally grown and sawn timber


More local.

I live just down the road - a five-minute cycle away. It's really helped reduce my mileage, as although I keep the van for deliveries and material collection, my daily commute is on the bike.


Why a Shared Space?

Sam - furniture maker planing up some locally grown oak for a table project.
Photo Credit: James Collins

Shared workshops are great. It costs a hell of a lot to get a workshop up and running with the required machinery cost in the tens of thousands. Space is expensive too, and you need a decent amount of it to have enough room to work in. Sharing the space with multiple others means you can afford better quality kit, bigger space, and you've got help on hand when you need it.

Working as a furniture maker and running a business solo can be lonely. Whilst having a private space could be great for keeping things tidy or having everything set exactly how you like it, it can be pretty miserable working on your own all day every day.


Come visit.

It's a lovely thing to come and visit a busy workshop, although a bit noisy and cold. Seeing designs, prototypes and samples in real life is so much more exciting than through a screen.

This is an open invitation - clients, makers, designers, architects and enthusiasts, I'd love to meet you.

Drop me a line and we'll arrange a time to swing by for a brew and a chat.

+44 7730 412115


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