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Topchan Outdoor Seating Platform

Topchan/Tapchan: (топчан) is a type of outdoor furniture unique to Central Asia, especially Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, combining a large bed capable of holding 4-8 adults with a table at which meals can be eaten.

A design collaboration with Janiya Isakhan. Made by me.

A 3-meter square elevated platform with angled backrest and matching coffee table. Comfortably seats 6-8 people.

Designed as a modern interpretation of traditional cultural furniture. Design inspiration taken from Brutalist architecture, traditional Kazakh Korpe textiles and wood carving.

Pictured here with textiles kindly provided by Austin and Fay for the shoot. The client is having some custom Korpe textiles handmade to match in Kazakhstan, hope to share some photos once they have them.

4 unique carvings on the 4 outside faces of the legs, with carved textured surface on all other faces. Dyed to an antique blackened finish.

Sweet Chestnut from Wiltshire.

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