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Wye Dining Set 

The Wye Dining Set

Matching oval dining table and bench seat. 

Solid British-grown Oak with a neutral lacquer finish

Private commission for clients based in the Wye Valley. The bench and table were both designed to fit the space, with profiles that match the profile of the bay window. 

Bench Seat: 

Features a 3 metre steam-bent backrest comprised of three matching sections jointed with a floating tongue to make up the full curve. 

The seat is curved and contoured to match the bay and backrest perfectly, providing comfortable sitting room for 4-5 people. 

Dining Table: 

Custom oval shape designed to match the profile of the seat and bay perfectly. Seats 6 6-8 comfortably. 

Coopered conical pedestal constructed from solid wood staves, shaped by hand to the final form. 

The top is kept flat without any visible rails or support by hidden over veneered steel rails embedded in the underside.  

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