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Whyman Furniture - Contemporary Handcrafted Furniture, Designed and Made in Bristol

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A collection of handmade custom furniture, crafted with meticulous attention to detail from my workshop in Bristol


I'm Sam, owner of Whyman Furniture, bespoke hardwood furniture makers.

"Why, man?"


Well, Whyman is my family name. If you really believe in what you're doing then I think it feels authentic to put your name to it. I'm extremely proud of my work and I'm proud to put my name to it.

I'm a furniture designer/maker hailing from West Yorkshire, now settled in Bristol.

I've studied both design and furniture making to a professional level to master my craft, having attended the world-renowned Waters and Acland Furniture School in the Lake District, and Loughborough University where I earned a BA in Industrial design.

This professional background gives me an incredibly comprehensive skill set as a designer-maker. Bespoke projects are truly bespoke, with the client involved at every stage of the process to arrive at a unique design.

My style draws from minimalism and mid century themes, with a practical approach that employs traditional skilled hand craft and modern machine techniques equally. The result is a contemporary pared-back aesthetic that is striking in it's deliberation - every detail has been thought out and perfected. This design style focusses on the beauty of the source material, each piece a celebration of wood.

Through my concept work, I strive to push the boundaries of creativity in furniture design, seamlessly integrating innovative techniques and materials to enhance both utility and sculptural impact.

Environmental responsibility plays a pivotal role in my work, I do as much as possible to mitigate any negative environmental impact of my work. I achieve this by collaborating with local sawmills to source British timbers from sustainable origin and by refraining from using imported sheet materials with harmful adhesives. Waste is repurposed with offcuts from the workshop utilised as biomass, sawdust utilised as chicken bedding, and shavings used on my allotment.

My work has garnered national recognition, having been exhibited and shortlisted at various award shows, including the Wood Awards and the Young Furniture Makers Awards, with more scheduled for 2024.

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