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A photo of the furniture maker and owner of Whyman Furniture, Sam, hugging a tree.


I'm a furniture maker.


Furniture makers kill trees to make things, right?

Well, technically, but that doesn't mean we don't care about them.

In a properly managed woodland, wood is an infinitely renewable resource with brilliant carbon capture and storage capabilities whilst living, and excellent properties for making once felled.

This may be pointing out the obvious, but timber production requires no mining or drilling, and with proper woodland management tree extraction has a minor environmental impact.


Extraction of trees in crowded areas can even have a positive effect on biodiversity by opening up canopy space.

Wooden furniture is repairable and reworkable, and if looked after can easily last decades, if not centuries.

Good design is timeless. I strive to avoid following fashions and trends as I design my pieces, instead focussing on utility, pared back aesthetics, and quality of making.

So, wood is good, but is all wood good?

To minimise the impact of my practice further, I strive to only use British grown timbers. This reduces the potential carbon footprint further through reduced emissions from transport, and helps to support local woodlands using good working practices.

Have a project in mind that you thought would be perfect in a more exotic timber? Please get in touch and we can discuss the effect you're seeking. I bet we'll be able to achieve it with British timber and some clever techniques.

We have a incredible selection of timbers suitable for furniture making in the UK. Through my work I like to celebrate that.

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