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All pieces are made to order by hand from my Bristol workshop. 
The dimensions, wood species and finish can be customised to suit your project. 

Have a particular project in mind? Get in touch with a quick description/napkin sketch, and we can work together to create a bespoke design tailored to your specifications.  

Contact me to discuss your idea: 

Thanks for your enquiry!

The Process


Get in touch, and let me know what you'd be interested in having made. I ask a few initial questions to start to set some parameters around the project. These are just quick prompts - don't worry if you don't have an idea for every one! If you're local to Bristol, I'd love to arrange an in-person consultation, and if you're further afield we could discuss over the phone or video call. 

- Intended use/users:
- Approximate dimensions:
- Wood species, or light/dark wood preference?
- Any inspiration images/style?
- Expected budget range?
- Any timeline/schedule requirements?
- Delivery location:


From your answers to the prompts, I'll put a brief together to outline the project, so that we both understand what we'd like to achieve. 

I'll share this document with you for approval. I may also share some initial sketches, to show the different directions the project could go. 

Visit. We'll schedule a meeting face to face. This way I can survey the space the piece is to fit, taking key dimensions and details. We can flick through sketches/inspiration to guide the design process.

At this point a design fee will be due to book in the job - this secures the spot on my list.


With the brief set, I'll get to work developing the design. I'll work up a few different concepts in different directions/styles, and arrange to present them to you in a design consultation. At the consultation we'll discuss which designs/features you like, and I'll use this information to further develop the concept. 

Sign off

Once the design is complete and we are both happy, I'll ask you to 'Sign Off' on the design.


I'll ask for a 50% deposit to cover materials, and will plan the making process. I'll provide you with an estimate of the timeline (which may be subject to change.)


I'm active on social media and often share work in progress, so if you'd like to you can follow the project along as I work through the various stages, from rough board to finished piece. 


Once the work is complete, I'll photograph the piece for sharing through my website and socials (just let me know if you'd rather I didn't share your project).

Most of the time I'll arrange to deliver the piece myself. I may ask for a contribution to cover mileage or delivery costs, but we'll discuss this early on so there's no surprises.

Upon delivery the remaining 50% will be due. 



I accept payment through bank transfer or credit card. Credit card payments incur a 2% surcharge to cover processing fees. If your preferred payment method is not listed, please contact me to discuss.

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